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Holi gulal// happy holi gulal images

Holi Gulal //happy holi gulal images

Holi is celebrated in most of the world, Happy holi is the festival of colours it is celebrated in every city of INDIA  or 

happy holi gulal images
happy holi gulal images

Holi Gulal is also known  as " ABIR " in traditional  language as the colours  defins  Beauty  and emotions of this lovely world.  We have created a festival  which represents peace and non violence among people  which is express through  this colours.  Holi Gulal is the  main component use in 
Holi several colors represents emotions like:-
Like red for love.
Green for life. 
Yellow  and orange for passion. 
Blue for health. 
And many more colors use in holi gulal .

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 How Holi gulal was made ?

Early  it was made of nature and as we transform we started  making  gulal with harmfull chemical which are harzader.
Now because  of this people mostly  you herbal colours and play holi very safe. 
Most of the time this harmfull chemical reaction with skins too and cause irrtation and many more things.....

Problem with chemical holi gulal.

informed that various non-packaged colours and paints available in the market are adulterated with high content of chromium, silica, lead and alkaline material. The expert added in the past few years, several cases had come into light in which glass particles were also added."The preference to get darker and long lasting colours, chemicals and metal oxides are used to give thick texture to colours. Oxidised metals or industrial dyes mixed with the solvent are very often used in such colours which pose significant health risk," added Dr Arora.Few other names of toxic chemicals that are used in synthetic colors are 'mercuric oxide' for red colour powder, rhodamine B for pink, chromium Iodide for orange, auramine for yellow, copper sulphate for green and lead for black colour. Undoubtedly these toxic chemicals lead to skin diseases, eye infection, temporaryblindness.

Herbal holi gulal .

Herbal Holi colour is a natural and eco-friendly product that fulfils all safety parameters and conforms to EU Regulation that makes it the safest color to be used during Holi and other festivities.
organic Holi colours are made out of natural ingredients making it safe for children.
Holi colour is environment friendly and bio degradable because it is made out of natural ingredients.

Effect on health .

Once believed to be prepared with extracted colours from plants, it took no time for the market to get flooded with chemical-based Holi colours. Why? They are cheaper and easy to make and hence, a good choice for businessmen. Besides damaging the skin, these adulterated colours have got health hazards too. We tell you why you may be at the risk of various conditions when you playfully use the local and adulterated gulal.

The fact that Holi colours are actually industrial chemicals may surprise you. While red colour is prepared by using mercury sulphate, black colour is lead oxide, green is copper sulphate and malachite green and blue colour is prepared with either prussian blue, indigo, cobalt nitrate, or zinc salts. And to give all these colours a shinier look, certain additives, such as glass particles and mica dust, are added. Health experts also say that if you have got a cut or wound, you should definitely cover it before playing Holi as absorption of these colours into the body can even cause internal cancer and skin eczema....happy holi gulal images.


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